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profesisonal carpet cleanersThe best way to keep your carpet clean, improve its hygiene and extend its life is to have it professionally cleaned at least one-two times in a year. This simple procedure isn’t so expensive, but the results from it are long-lasting and will have a great effect on the overall look of your home. Our company has years of experience in the cleaning industry and we have reached to the conclusion that carpets which are maintained regularly will last for many years.

Cleaners Uxbridge is a big name when it comes to cleaning services in London and we provide our cleaning teams with top of the shelf equipment and reagents. Our excellent services are a result of the combination of trained, hard working employees and the best equipment available.

Carpet owners should know that vacuuming their carpet isn’t enough to clean it properly. Vacuuming will suck out the dust and grime on the surface, but the one accumulated below will stay. Having your carpet professionally steam cleaned is the most effective way to get rid of all the grime.

Carpet CleaningPrices
Hallway carpet£10
Bedroom carpet£20
Living room carpet£25

The steam cleaning technique is more than just running the steam cleaning machine. The first step is to vacuum the carpet in order to suck out all the hair and grime from the surface. The next step is to pre-treat the stains and spots with special cleaning detergent. Afterwards the steam machine is run and the carpet is thoroughly deep cleaned.

Trust us, there is nothing better than professionally cleaning your carpet. This process removes almost all stains and spots which can ruin the good looks of your entire house. We will also apply the Scotchgard protection solution. This long-lasting protection covers the fibers of the carpet and doesn’t’ allow liquids to suck into them. This way you’ll have more time to clean stains from recently spilled liquids.

Our cleaners will get the job done perfectly and will answer your questions regarding the maintenance and cleaning of your carpet.

We are a company which has serviced hundreds of customers through the years and we know everything there is to know about cleaning. Contact us for more information regarding pricing, booking, services, etc.

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